Loving & Learning

Love does not fail us, people do

Love failures of the past, leave scars of life lessons.

Loving & Learning

Day by day

In order to move forward you must gain self confidence in knowing that everything will be okay as long as you take it day by day. Know you can rebuild yourself. This isn't the end but a chapter in your book of life.

Loving & Learning


We don't love no more

We only feel comfort and even then we feel uncomfortable

We once shared a dangerous love

Now we only share the memories

Loving & Learning

Love history

Their love ran deep with history

Childhood friends till the end

They loved, they grew and grew apart

A love before it’s time, lasting a lifetime.


Loving & Learning

Once Again

Dark clouds that once were filled with rain have finally cleared

The sun has begun to shine once again

The storm that lasted 6 years has ended

The sun has begun to shine once again

She survived the storm that almost killed her

She has begun to shine once again

Loving & Learning

When to know

There comes a point in ones life when they need to know

when to let someone go.

Go to the point of no return

When that breaking point has been reached

It may take a person a while to understand

why it is that they must let this person go

But sooner than later that person will continue to show their true colors and remind one why it is they must be let go


Loving & Learning


He said that he loved her, needed her and wanted her.

Yet, his actions spoke of abuse.

Through the lying, cheating and beatings.

She stayed, praying for better days.

Those days came.

Loving & Learning

Go back

Going backwards can lead to disappointment.

As old habits find their way into the present time.

Sounds like a broken record, for the record.

Trying to go back in time and press rewind isn't the key when moving fast forward in the lifestyle that stands in front of her.



Loving & Learning

To be

A lot of damage was done.

She's came a long way, to turn around and go back down that road again

The road in front of her is clear and healthy

A woman free to be, that is she.




Bounce back

Thrive to your full potential
You can and will bounce back from all challenges and struggles
Don’t give up now


Emotional feels

Allow your emotions to be felt and released



Remain positive and remember to embrace change for the good


The Power of the Mind

Use the power of your mind and heart to change your vibrations.


That One

Strive to be that one person who stands out in the room

Free Hand

Unlock the wonders

Life is full of wonders

Unlock those wonders

And travel into the world of answers

Free Hand


When one tree dies another grows

Free Hand

Missing you

Losing friends before their time

Makes me wish I could press rewind and go back in time

And let’em know one last time how much I love’em.

There is no doubt the north no longer feels the same

Their energies are missed as I reminisce about the good old days.


Free Hand


Taking last minute risks are worth the thrill and memories that are made

Free Hand


A 90’s kids balancing the traditional world and the digital world

Free Hand


Life is about change without change we cannot grow

Free Hand

Must change

I must be the change I want to see in my life

Free Hand


Seasons come and go. People change with each season rather it is for the better or for the worst, change happens with every season. If change didn’t happen then trees would not show their true colors. The same goes for people, without change one will not see their true colors.

Free Hand


The feeling of uncertainty lays her head on my shoulders

Free Hand


There are days for alone time and there are days for the social life

Free Hand


I was raised to never say never

Yet I find myself saying it more than ever

I’ve learned to never be the type to put my private life on display for the public to see

This is why I hold my journal close to me


Free Hand

I write for my life not for likes

Free Hand


We as humans surround ourselves with time, dates and days

Everything is connected back to time

The timing of birth, the timing of death

Time holds stories in their place

Such much detail is held in time

Our days are filled with memories that can be traced back to a certain time

Time is wisdom.

Free Hand

Personal Journey

In a world full of digital comparisons,I must remain confident in my own personal journey

Free Hand

Soul Sundays

Soul Sundays save my life.

Free Hand

I am

A writer, I am

A thinker, Iam

A lover, I am

I think of people as trees that go through seasons and with every season is growth and growing pains lay in the roots, counting the years.